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Every businessperson knows and fears these four words: No Customers - No Company. We are not against big companies. We want to partner with the right ones. We are a movement that is uniting millions and tens of millions of customers. We are no different from you. We are all consumers from around the world who know that our current economic system urgently needs to change.  We believe in shifting the power back to the people. Let’s make history together and make our planet more sustainable. And what really runs companies? - It's ‘the Money’. With money you can hire people, buy goods and services and everything else. So Money is the real driver of business.We people, are the largest suppliers of Money to businesses. This means, We already have the power, all We need to do is UNITE. We worked with:



 1. Thousands of consumers in over 50 countries,

                     2. Large companies in many industries.


Companies are spending billions of dollars in advertising with Google and Facebook (and others). When we talked to them, we found out that if they could, they would much rather give that money to their customers. We lets them do exactly that. As our membership grows, we add to our power. We will be able to reward partner companies with a huge number of new customers. In return, we will want not only the lowest prices and best service, but real changes in business practices. Your job is Unite as many people as you can in Company. If You are under 18 years old and live in the United States, Germany or Brazil, under 20 years old and live in Japan, or under 18 years old and live in any country other than the United States, Germany, Brazil or Japan, You need to obtain the consent of Your parent(s) or guardian(s) before applying for the Membership Service and before joining. One Account Per Member. The amount of potential earnings (lockedin earnings) reserved in your account is US$10.00 per New Member and You agree that bUnited may change (decrease or increase) the New Member payment rate at any time for any country or countries.